Our factory

We cherish the fact that our production line consists of the best and latest cutting-edge technology machinery in the field, where all our machines are manufactured by STARLINGER which is considered as number one in the world in terms of quality, accuracy and flexibility. We are also very proud of our staff’s capabilities and skills in all related disciplines. With these resources combined, we can easily produce at least one hundred thousand bags a day of high quality finished and semi-finished PP bags of all kinds.

Our production Line consists of:

Starex 1500ES tape line machine with production capacity of 15,000 kg per day of high-quality thread specifications, produced precisely in accordance to complex parameters derived to and fed into the computer of the machine by production and quality control specialists.


We have at our plant 40 Alph 6 circular weaving machines. The Alpha 6 is high-speed machine specially designed for spinning polypropylene fabric with high efficiency and accuracy with a production capacity of up to 3,000 meters per day per machine.


Remak Flexo printer, This advanced roll-to-roll printer, which can print up to six colors with extreme precision, with the ability to print on both sides of the bag at once.


Multikon cutting and stitching Machine. We have three of Multicon machines at our plant where we can cut and stitch not less than 110.000 bags per day with unmatched precision.


We pay great attention to packaging, where we carefully stack the bags in specified numbers before balling them under a pressure of up to 6 tons, after which the bales are wraped, weighed and labeled. we do all of this to ensure that our product reach your warehouse in best conditions, and at the same time contributing to the efficiency of your inventory management.